Vitality, green

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  • Vitality, green
  • Vitality, green
  • Vitality, green
  • Vitality, green

Playground – the collection for the little child in you

Name: Vitality

Spiritual meaning: A daily reminder - live with joy and excitement

The ring contains green glitter and a touch of magic!!

The ring is made out of bioresin that contains 50% bio-organic resin, that is safer and more environmentally friendly. Read more about the product her:

About Playground collection:
Do you know the little person in you who just wants to go out and play, go out and build sandcastles out of mud cakes, sit alone and immerse themselves in the world's best game, play with their favorite friends and go on adventures.

The little being who is always ready, happy, giving and exuberant. The small child deserves to be seen and listened to - maybe you wonder why that is important?

Because here lies the answer to many questions, here lies the answer to your passion, your joy, your enthusiasm, everything you loved as a child and which you may have packed away as you practiced becoming an adult. Maybe your inner child is still there and living his or hers dream with you.

Regardless, this is the ultimate tribute collection to your inner child….to the enormous source of wisdom it holds in what may at first seem naive – things like excitement, joy, carefreeness, creativity etc…. It is the most profound source and key to the happy life.

Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is one of a kind jewelry.
The ring on the picture is available in size 55. Please give me 1-2 weeks to grind and polish the ring so it is perfectly ready for you.

If you want a ring similar to this ring please feel free to make your order and size. Please note that a ring fromMette Marie Salto, jewelry is perfectly imperfect - one of a kind handmade jewelry. So it will never be exactly the same and you can be sure to have a unique piece made especially for you.

Stock and delivery
I generally make to order and hold low stocks, please do allow 2-3 weeks for me when I cast and finish your jewellery from scratch – I can often deliver sooner but just to be aware that this is the production time.

Special day in mind?
If you have a specific date in mind please do send me a message and I can let you know how busy I am. I can also show you what colours and styles I might have available in your size that I could send right away.