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Resin ring Goddess collection

Your own divine being

Name: Golden

This ring contains a freshwater pearl, tulle, dried neg and a magic touch of glitter!!

The ring is made out of bioresin that contains 50% bio-organic resin, that is safer and more environmentally friendly. Read more about the product her:

Spiritual meaning: A daily reminder to draw upon your feminine strength and wisdom.

About Goddess collection:
This extraordinary collection celebrates the feminine strength that exists in all of us and that we can draw upon and draw on so that our intelligence and spaciousness grow.

The primal power and inner strength that makes us live life with the heart and our strongest values in the front seat - the reminder you need to remind yourself of your inner light, your inner knowledge, your inner love.

Like a spring that never runs out, the power that makes you stand with your feet planted in the ground no matter how life in the outer world rages around you.

The Goddess collection calls upon the strongest strength of them all, the strength to aspire to something far greater within ourselves than what our brains can comprehend.

Where we dare to stretch and stand on our toes and find the inner goddess power we all possess - men as women, boys as girls - we all have the task of finding this feminine primordial power within so that we can grow whole and more balanced.

It is from here that we create, from here that we love, from here that we grow bigger.

Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is one of a kind jewelry.

The ring on the picture is available in size 55. Please give me 1-2 weeks to grind and polish the ring so it is perfectly ready for you.

If you want a ring similar to this ring please feel free to make your order and size. Please note that a ring from Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is perfectly imperfect - one of a kind handmade jewelry. So it will never be exactly the same and you can be sure to have a unique piece made especially for you.

Stock and delivery
I generally make to order and hold low stocks, please do allow 2-3 weeks for me when I cast and finish your jewellery from scratch – I can often deliver sooner but just to be aware that this is the production time.

Special day in mind?
If you have a specific date in mind please do send me a message and I can let you know how busy I am. I can also show you what colours and styles I might have available in your size that I could send right away.