Balance, purple

  • Balance, purple
  • Balance, purple
  • Balance, purple
  • Balance, purple

Inner Amazon – your magnificant source

Name: Balance, red and bronze, round

Spiritual meaning: A daily reminder - focus on your own soulpower.

The ring is made out of bioresin that contains 50% bio-organic resin, that is safer and more environmentally friendly. Read more about the product her:

About Inner Amazone collection:
The inner Amazon in us is a magnificant powerhouse, not only is the power drawn from the abundance of your inner source and your ability to surrender to your own wisdom.

It is also the source from which you draw the resources to live the life you wish for. The inner Amazon does not let anything stand in the way of her wellbeing, love, happiness, dreams and hopes.

The inner Amazon fights by surrendering to her inner source of wisdom - this inner Amazon does not carry weapons, her weapon is knowledge, the knowledge that her own strength lies in her focus, focus inward, focus that she has strength , is strength and that she can count on herself.

What do we give up first, the agreements with ourselves.. but not the inner amazon, she keeps her promises with herself to live a life from the inside out and with a focus on taking care of herself. As on a battlefield, her armor is energy – she manages like no other to let energies bounce off her, protecting her inner bright loving space as a quiet but extremely resourceful warrior.

She has no gender, she is a force of energy, a vibration, a place within us that we all besides from gender needs to know and recognize to be complete as humans.

The inner Amazone collection is for you, who would like to be reminded of this extraordinarily strong gatekeeper of light that you have with you.... always…

Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is one of a kind jewelry.

The ring on the picture is available in size 51. Please give me 1-2 weeks to grind and polish the ring so it is perfectly ready for you.

If you want a ring similar to this ring please feel free to make your order and size. Please note that a ring from Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is perfectly imperfect - one of a kind handmade jewelry. So it will never be exactly the same and you can be sure to have a unique piece made especially for you.

Stock and delivery
I generally make to order and hold low stocks, please do allow 2-3 weeks for me when I cast and finish your jewellery from scratch – I can often deliver sooner but just to be aware that this is the production time.

Special day in mind?
If you have a specific date in mind please do send me a message and I can let you know how busy I am. I can also show you what colours and styles I might have available in your size that I could send right away.