Preserve your own memories and intensions? 

You can design your own customized jewelry with me. You get the opportunity to choose your own fillings and significances for you or for someone important in your life.
Many of my customers choose to make a piece that symbolizes important transistions in their life.

Maybe you want to preserve some dried flowers from your wedding bouquet or add some of your childhood jewelry – almost everything is possible to preserve.

How does it take place?
When we create your own piece of jewelry together, it is just as much about the energy it should radiate to you, as it is about the visual expression. It all ties together.

That is why our joint design of your jewelry always starts with a conversation and it is my specialty to listen and ask to ensure that the jewelry, gets the right look and vibration for you.

We talk about what you want your ring to express, both visually and spiritually, and have a look, at any materials you might wish to add.

That way, you end up with your own personal piece of jewelry that can bring exactly the energy and inner wisdom you need.

A piece of specialized jewelry generally takes 4-6 weeks to make and it always start with a conversation. When your jewelry is ready we meet up and adapt it if necessary.

You are always welcome to contact me.