A piece of jewelry from Mette Marie Salto, jewelry is for those of you who want a bubbly beautiful piece of jewelry with a special meaning that lifts your spirit. It is for those of you who LOVE colors, sparkle, symbolism, affirmations and to wear something that reminds you of what is important to you in your life. It is for those of you who want to wear something that you know is perfectly imperfect in the way that is special to handmade jewelry.

Not just a piece of jewelry
Mette Marie Salto, jewelry uses colors and elements of nature and everyday materials alongside gold and glitter in its production - it is jewelry where everything that can be beautiful is contained in the strong resin. It is jewelry that combines precious metals with natural flowers and everyday products which together create new organic and individual looks - always with a thought of celebrating the beauty that we constantly have around us and focusing on the importance of what we choose to focus on for our day and reality. It is a tribute to the conscious human being who knows that what we focus on creates our reality and therefore by knowing that a piece of jewelry is not “just a piece of jewelry” - it is a way to create joy, focus, to celebrate life, a way to express yourselves and live out your creativity for the benefit and joy for you and those who see your sparkle.